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Jann Seal began her Welsh adventures when she married a Welshman from Cardiff. Ten years later, and looking for a change of lifestyle, she and her husband Paul moved from South Florida to the semi-rural hills of South Wales. “We were at the stage of our lives where green, rolling hills dotted with frolicking lambs brought us the peace and serenity that we craved.”

Wales is a modern country that never forgot its traditional heritage, and the food produced, available and served reflects all the richness found in the hills and valleys criss-crossing an ancient land. There is a story here. A delicious one. And Eating Wales aims to introduce travelers and food-lovers to a rewarding, satisfying, memorable and continuing experience.

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  1. […] personal view comes from Jann Seal from Eating Wales.  Here are some recommendations from a local on how to get the best possible Brecon Beacons […]

  2. Fab post. We have two holiday cottages in Brecon. Is there any where specific I could recommend to them do you think? Also have you any suggestions of people I could market my cottages to. Web details below. Thanks so much for your help

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